Momentum 12

Billedkunst Live: Nayara Leite + Mabell Holand

26. Aug 2023

Billedkunst Live: Nayara Leite in conversation with Mabell Holand at MOMENTUM 12

Using personal narratives, archival material or the news as source material, Nayara Leite’s work can often be read as an performative activist approach (speeches; readings; parades), or form as photography, fanzines, sculpture and installation, video work, sound — perhaps all to be considered one larger project concerning LGBTQ+ realities in her homeland Brazil, Norway, or in a global context.

At “MOMENTUM 12: Together as to gather”, curated by Tenthaus as a collaborative satellite of “The State’s Art Exhibition, the 136th Autumn Exhibition” (Høstutstillingen 2023, statens 136. kunstutstilling), Leite presents a performance — Homodagene, based on documentation from “Homodagene 1983”, Bergen — and the installation In Search of Rainbows, depicting Leite’s search for rainbow flags; a protest against former Brazilian president Bolsonaro’s homophobic government.

With Leite’s work as a point of departure, the conversation between Leite and activist/poet Mabell Holand — two prominent voices concerning LGBTQ+ issues and thinking — will invite the audience to reflect upon art, activism, and human rights and ask: What has changed in those 40 years since “Homodagene” in Bergen? Or, perhaps more importantly: What’s at stake today? As Leite says, quoting Audre Lorde: “There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”

For MOMENTUM 12, Leite is exhibiting a banner with the quote, “I am glad we are plural”, presented over the course of the biennale. She will also present a performance on the 26th of August which will coincide with Moss Pride. The work is curated by The Autumn Exhibition. Homodagene was originally commissioned by Bergen Kunsthall for “Cruising Utopia”, curated by Nora-Swantje Almes.

Time and place: Saturday, 26. August 2023 at 13:30, F 15 verksted at Galleri F 15, Jeløya, Moss

NB: The performance Homodagene takes place at 13:00 and coincides with Moss Pride. There will be room for a break before the talk.

Duration: Approximately 35–50 min with additional time for questions. The conversation will be in English.

Transport: Car (a 60-min drive from Oslo Central Station) or by train to Moss followed by a walk (in total approx. 70–80 min). This is also an opportunity to see several of the other works at “MOMENTUM 12”.

The conversation is part of the programme Billedkunst Live and produced in warm collaboration with Leite and Holand; “Høstutstillingen 2023, the 136th Autumn Exhibition / Statens 136. kunstutstilling”; MOMENTUM 12 and Tenthaus, Oslo; Galleri F 15, Jeløya. Billedkunst Live is funded by the Fritt Ord Foundation / Stiftelsen Fritt Ord; Sparebankstiftelsen; and Art and Culture Norway / Kulturdirektoratet. Billedkunst is published by the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists / Norske Billedkunstnere. EIC: Kjetil Røed. Co-editor: Tine Semb.

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