Galleri F 15

Artist workshop with Stephanie Lüning

5. Mar 2023

Ice painting!

Stephanie Lüning experiments a lot with all kinds of different mediums to get to a painting result.  To do that she is using for example, colored foam, colored ice-cubes, colored wax and colored strings. The ongoing process and the letting go of the control over the painting process itself is the most important for Stephanie`s work.

She will show the kids that it is possible to paint without using a paintbrush. The kids get to explore the possibilities to paint individual ice-cube-paintings as well as how it is to implement a painting action together on one big collectivity painting. To join the workshop the kids only have to wear working cloths. 

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Place: F 15 Verksted.
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Free entrance

Photo: Guy Corbishley.