Momentum 12

Workshop in mushroom dyeing

7. Oct 2023

In connection with the work Conversations with what runs deep by Line Solberg Dolmen and Margrethe Pettersen created for Momentum 12, we invite you to a workshop in mushroom dyeing with Torunn Ogden, who lives on Jeløy. Ogden has many years of experience with mushroom dyeing of yarn and gathering locally.

Registration by 4 October:
There are only 20 places

The workshop is free, and no prior knowledge is required.

The workshop will be in Norwegian, but english translation will be assisted when needed.

The artists have long exchanged knowledge about their practice. Both Solberg Dolmen and Pettersen are interested in making contacts locally and learning new methods/techniques where they work. For the work, which is part of Momentum 12, they have collected brass lichen in the area around Alby. Furthermore, the lichen ferments over time, and by placing the yarn in the sun, the color changes from pink to blue. The blue thread is the closing mechanism of the map that accompanies the work. Both have worked with plant dyeing of textiles in previous projects, and processed other organic material, such as paper made from hemp.