Galleri F 15

Utsatt: Edvard Munch – Hans mesener, samlere, hjelpere og venner 1900 – 1916

1.Feb - 15.Mar

Due to covid-19 the exhibition has been postponed to 2022.

The aim of this exhibition project is to highlight and explore the administration of Edvard Munch’s oeuvre in the period 1900-1916 by focusing on major patrons and collectors: Consul Christen Sandberg, Max Linde, Ernst Thiel, Rasmus Meyer, Axel Romdahl, Carl Steinbart, Hugo Perls and others. This includes works created in or with motifs from Munch’s places in Åsgårdstrand, Kragerø, Hvitsten and Moss, as well as from visits to Lübeck, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bergen and Gothenburg.

The motifs include portraits (full-figure, double, family and group portraits), scenes and landscapes depicting the places Munch lived and especially winter landscapes.

Galleri F 15 has worked with Edvard Munch and his oeuvre on several previous occasions. The exhibition will be the third of a series of exhibitions exploring different themes and aspects of Munch’s work. It follows up on the exhibitions

Edvard Munch in Moss – art, war and capital on Jeløy 1913-16 from 2014 and Fertile Ground – Munch in Moss – 1913-1916, from 2016.

Galleri F 15 has also produced a number of publications and texts about Munch over the years. These include, but are not limited to, publications related to the exhibitions. Edvard Munch in Moss – art, war and capital on Jeløy 1913-16 (2014) by Hans-Martin Frydenberg Flaatten, and Fertile Ground – Munch in Moss 1913-1916, (2016) by Frank Høifødt and Edvard Munch in Moss 1913-1916. Teaching booklet for Year 7 (2017) by Guro Dyvesveen.

We wish to thank private collectors, KODE, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and the Thiel Gallery.

Curators: Hans-Martin Frydenberg Flaatten and Dag Aak Sveinar


Photo: Ingeborg Øien Thorsland © Galleri F 15. From the exhibition Fruktbar Jord. Munch i Moss 1913 – 1916.
The painting in the image: Edvard Munch – Forføreren (1913).