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Hilde Maisey – The Ting Show

23. Oct 2010 - 23. Jan 2011

Punkt Ø is proud to present Hilde Maisey’s exhibition “The Ting Show” This is a major individual exhibition by an artist central to the photographic art scene of the 1990’s. Maisey’s exhibition features the photo series “Katalog av ting farget svart” (Catalogue of Things Coloured Black), the two videos “The Undersea” and “Samtale med livløse gjenstander” (A Conversation With Lifeless Items) as well as the video installation “En julefortelling” (A Christmas Carol). These works carry out a careful investigation into objects and their meaning. Through Hilde Maisey’s focus on objects in photography, video and video installations, objects appear almost as independent beings. As a result, the exhibition becomes an examination of our relationship to objects, how they can be regarded as personal expression, and how they define our identity.

As individuals we attach ourselves to objects and give them significance. This is not necessarily due to those objects’ economic value but rather our sentimental attachment to memories. We keep old concert t-shirts, childhood toys and decorative objects to preserve past experiences and memories; they tell us stories of the past. Maisey’s project also explores to what degree we can hold on to the deceased through objects they have used and left behind. In the video “The Undersea” we follow someone poring over old maps and objects. This enigmatic search leads to a conclusion which is not revealed to the observer, and we are taken on a journey. This video also thematically references art and cultural history’s portrayal of the transition between life and death and is therefore a good example of the many layers we meet in Hilde Maisey’s works.

Maisey’s work constantly returns to the juxtaposition of humour and seriousness, ambiguity and absurdity in the treatment of serious themes, but her defining message is the need to laugh at what frightens us.

Hilde Maisey remains a significant presence in the progress of Norwegian photographic art. After completing her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Photography at West Surrey College of Art and Design, she returned to Norway and has, in the past decade, been committed to the “Union of Free Photographers” (Forbundet Frie Fotografer) and other professional institutions. Maisey has taught photography at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and currently teaches at Elvebakken High School. Her work has been purchased by clients including The Preus Museum and The Arts Council of Norway.

Curator: Siv Hofsvang

1 Hilde Maisey