Galleri F 15


21. Oct 2017 - 17. Jan 2018

SKIPTVET – Agricultural stories

What is Skiptvet? Skiptvet is part of the hilly landscape of Inner Østfold. South of Spydeberg and Askim. West of Glomma. North of Sarpsborg. Far from Moss. Three-fourths of the municipality´s area consist of agricultural land, mostly forests, golden fields and green grass meadows. When you travel within Skiptvet, you´ll see red painted shimmering barns.

The exhibition Skiptvet is a result of the project Agricultural issues – farm art at Skiptvet 2013-18, developed in collaboration between artists and farms in Skiptvet. Over a period of time, eight artists have stayed at the farms Berg, Ruene, Nordre Solberg, Hoel Vestre, Skaug, Vister, Øvre Svartedal and Onstad. Seminars, debates and workshops have been organised along the way. Different standpoints and worldviews have become evident. Agriculture is a controversial industry in constant change. Who is going to produce our food? Some believe that global market mechanisms solve the challenges of supply and demand. Norwegian Farmers` Union (Norges Bondelag) calls for an understanding towards the central role that the Norwegian farmer has. Agriculture builds society and it is full of stories. Art history would have been poorer without the cultural landscape, animals, still life, working farmers and other agricultural motives. Therefore, it is appropriate to take Skiptvet to Galleri F 15 at Alby farm, Jeløya.

In the exhibition Skiptvet, we´ll meet the agricultural village and its history, food production and regional positioning. Through the eight artists´ works presented in the gallery, the cultural-historical material, a podcast,the art mediation program and a forthcoming publication, stories that engage in exploratory, time-consuming, mass-moving, critical and speculative ways of moving within agriculture, merge. Skiptvet could be many places.

Søssa Jørgensen and Geir Tore Holm, artists and curators, Øvre Ringstad, Skiptvet


Bodil Furu (NO), Christy Gast (USA), Hans Hamid Rasmussen (NO), Ingvild Holm (NO), Line Bøhmer Løkken (NO), Margrethe Pettersen (NO), Roderick Hietbrink (NL), Åsa Sonjasdotter (SE)

Podcast: Yngvild Færøy (NO) og Søssa Jørgensen (NO)
Curators: Søssa Jørgensen og Geir Tore Holm i samarbeid med Skiptvet Bondelag.
Farms: Vister, Skaug, Ruene, Onstad, Øvre Svartedal, Berg, Hoel Vestre, Nordre Solberg

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Foto: Ingeborg Øien Thorsland