Momentum 12

MOMENTUM 12: Together as to gather

10. Jun - 8. Oct

Curated by Tenthaus, MOMENTUM 12: Together as to gather takes place from 10 June to 8 October 2023 at Galleri F 15 on the island of Jeløya in Moss, Norway. The 12th edition of the biennale is the first to be curated by an art collective.

The collective has collaborated together in various constellations since 2009. Characterised by an open, process-oriented form of participation and collaboration, its focus is on local contexts, exploring collectivity and inclusion through different forms of engagement. Tenthaus continuously reimagines itself, investigating what it means to be artists working with the public and what makes a relevant, socially engaged practice.

“Tenthaus as an art collective is moving toward a model of polyphonic co-authorship. Polyphonic suggests the harmonic possibility of producing more than one independent melody at a time in a single composition. To a great extent, this is how Tenthaus functions; each individual practice both resonates and amplifies itself through collective work. We produce and involve many themes and curatorial ideas at the same time. In this way, we are able to explore a myriad of concurrences; subjects and artistic forms each carrying resonance and meaning,” explains the collective.

For the biennale, Tenthaus practises a gathering methodology. The intention is to begin from the practices of the artists they invite and to work from there, then coming together to find the common threads of connection. This practice expands throughout the collective’s ecosystem, both locally and internationally, to include artists, designers, editors, newspapers, artist-run galleries, international biennales, and local schools to share a variety of art projects over the course of the biennale. Through this process, MOMENTUM 12: Together as to gather explores what intuitively comes out of gathering people, places and times.

The list is long and growing, and participants include:

Well-Being Residency Network
Wei-Ting Zeng/Tseng
Victoria Idland Erichsen
Valentina Martínez Mariscal
Tokyo Biennale
The 12th Seoul Mediacity Biennale
Thomas Iversen
Tenthaus Radio / Radio InterFM
Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen
Stephanie Lüning
Stefan Schröder
Stan D’Haene
Stacy Brafield
So Yo Hen
Shahrzad Malekian
Sara Enger Larsen
Salangen Biennale 23 / If Paradise Is Half As Nice
ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur
Podium / Struktura
Paulina Stroynowska
Pablo Helguera
Nikhil Vettukattil
Morag Keil
Mechu Rapela
Matilde Balatti
Matias Laurent Garcia Fossnæs
Marte Huke
Marte Helene Fosse
Marie Cole
Margrethe Pettersen
Lise B Linnert + 4.kl Møllergata Skole since 2018
Linnea Herlofsen Tostrup
Line Solberg Dolmen
Leila Marina Centioni
Lea Kreul Bærug
Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art / Survival Kit
Laura Perrot
Larnaca Biennale
La Hervidera
MFA in Art and Public Space, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Kirkeparken vgs
Kate Rich
Kabila Stepháne
Julia Høye Pacheco
Joanna Chia-yu Lin
Jessica Williams
Jeff Watt
Jasper Siverts
Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo
Jaanus Samma
Ida Uvaas
House of Foundation / Lyse Netter
Hermetiske Skygger
Helsinki Biennial
Helen Eriksen
Germain Ngoma
Galleri F 15
Gabo Camnitzer
Fredrikstad Kommune / Tall Ships Races
Fotobook DUMMIES Day 傻瓜書日
Freja Burgess & Felix Dahlström Persson
Ewa Hubar
Escuela de Garaje
Enrique Guadarrama Solis
Elina Suoyrjö
Ebba Moi
Diane Severin Nguyen
Den Nasjonale Jury / The 136th Autumn Exhibition
Deise Faria Nunes
Daniela Ramos Arias
Daddy’s Dinners
Bukola Oyebode
Billie McTernan
Bienal de Cuenca
Belén Santillán
Anna Olsen
Ann Cathrin Hertling
Andrea Parkins
Anawana Haloba
Ana Marques Engh
Alex Eek
Alessandro Marchi
Aisel Wicab
Adriana Calderòn

The MOMENTUM biennale was established in 1998 and is organised and produced by Galleri F 15 in Moss, Norway. For over two decades, MOMENTUM has consistently supported compelling curatorial vision and operated as a platform for exploring the exhibition format, both in the Nordic context and with an international perspective.

About the curators
Tenthaus has been working together in various constellations since 2009. The collective is characterised by an open, process-oriented form of participation and collaboration. They focus on local contexts exploring collectivity and inclusion through different forms of engagement. Tenthaus began as an artists-in-schools project and over a decade later, they continue to maintain strong relations to the community and work to cultivate and nurture its environments. Today Tenthaus encompasses both a project room and an exhibition space, a mobile studio, and a wide range of curatorial projects. As a collective, Tenthaus reimagines itself, what it means to be artists working with the public, and what makes a relevant socially engaged practice today. The collective works with discursive events, radio, research, exchanges, workshops and exhibitions with an international orientation. Each of its members brings a distinct set of skills, practices and cultural knowledge, and the distinctive result of their collaborations and collective discussion is visible through their work.

Previous editions
MOMENTUM 1—Pakkhus, 1998: Lars Bang Larsen, Daniel Birnbaum, and Atle Gerhardsen
MOMENTUM 2—Park, 2000: Ina Blom, Jonas Ekeberg, Jacob Fabricius, and Paula Toppila
MOMENTUM 3—Momentum 2004, 2004: Caroline Corbetta and Per Gunnar Tverbakk
MOMENTUM 4—Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better., 2006: Annette Kierulf and Mark Sladen
MOMENTUM 5—Favoured Nations, 2009: Lina Džuverović and Stina Högkvist
MOMENTUM 6—Imagine Being Here Now, 2011: Markús Þór Andrésson, Theodor Ringborg, Aura Seikkula, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, and Marianne Zamecznik
MOMENTUM 7—Dare 2 Love Yourself and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, 2013: Erlend Hammer (D2LY) and Power Ekroth (SITBB)
MOMENTUM 8—Tunnel Vision, 2015: Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Birta Guðjónsdóttir, Stefanie Hessler, and Toke Lykkeberg
MOMENTUM 9—Alienation, 2017: Ulrika Flink, Ilari Laamanen, Jacob Lillemose, Gunhild Moe, and Jón B. K. Ransu
MOMENTUM 10—The Emotional Exhibition, 2019: Marti Manen with assistant curator Anne Klontz
MOMENTUM 11—House of Commons, 2021: Théo-Mario Coppola with curator mediation by Håkon Lillegraven

Press enquires
International: Amanda Kelly, Pickles PR
Norway: Ann Kristin Traaen, Galleri F 15

Photo: Vlad Molodetskii.