Momentum 2

Momentum 2 – Park

10. Jun - 30. Jul 2000

Ina Blom
Jonas Ekeberg
Jacob Fabricius
Paula Toppila

Dag Alveng, Yon Egil Askeir, BAR: Stig Baumgartner, Björn Aho & Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Lene Berg, Jakob S Boeskov, Jes Brinch, Francois Bucher, Ulf Verner Carlsson, Anders Edström, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Michelle Eistrup, Jesper Fabricius, Maria Finn, Olafur Gislason, Kristinn G. Hardarson, Minna Heikinaho, Henrik Håkansson, Klaus Thejll Jakobsen, Gunilla Klingberg, Rasmus Knud, Jakob Kolding, Jukka Korkeila, Annika Larsson, Henrietta Lehtonen, Maria Lindberg, Mikko Maasalo, Jan-Olof Mallander, Bjarne Melgaard, Pekka Niskanen, Anneli Nygren, Henrik Olesen, OLO: Pasi Karjula & Marko Vuokola, Année Olofsson, Heli Rekula, Seppo Renvall, Torbjörn Rödland, Pia Rönicke, Katya Sander, Marika Seidler, Katrin Sigurdardottir, Vibeke Sjövoll, Mads Steen, Börre Säthre, Elin Sörensen.


Oversikt 31

Welcome to Park!

Welcome to Park, the main exhibition of MOMENTUM 2000. We are pleased to invite you to experience the work of 41 artists from five countries in this 2nd Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art.

In making Park we chose to focus on the exhibition site: Nesparken, a charming lakeside park a 3 minute walk from the centre of Moss. We see the park environment as a point of departure for exploring a different way of experiencing art than that provided by the traditional exhibition hall or museum environment. A typical feature of many contemporary works is the demands they place on the spectators time and attention. This is obviously the case with many film, video and sound-installations, but other types of work also draw the spectator into extended situations or environments. All of these tendencies challenge the typical walk-through or circulation implied by the architectural structure of most exhibition venues, since the impulse to move on often makes one feel that there is never enough time to really engage with the work.

It is in this point that PARK may perhaps provide an alternative. A park, with its multiple choice of activities and places to hang about, is a model for an exhibition space that is not just a trajectory but a place in which to stay, to enjoy a specific work, to relax, to go back to see more, and so on. It simply suggests a different way of organising your time in relation to the artwork. The park model is both literal and figurative: we hope that the pleasant atmosphere of an actual park in early summer will be conducive of a less timepressed approach. However, this is not just an outdoors exhibition: most of the works are shown in a temporary museum construction in the park. In keeping with the Park model, the architects have created a structure with multiple paths and entryways, a structure which allows for easy access and equally quick escape.

The Momentum Festival of Contemporary Art is primarily dedicated to the task of showcasing new Nordic art. We started out by researching what is happening in Nordic art right now, without too many pre-set ideas about a scene. And ultimately our concern has been less with themes than with production and frameworks: the frameworks created by the individual works as well as the conditions in which they may reach articulation. We hope, in other words, to cater to the demands of the chosen artworks within a social setting that may enhance the possibilities of interaction and engagement. We hope that this could be an exhibition in which to spend the day, oir even the weekend. With accommodation on the exhibition grounds, as well as an extensive event program which includes performances, concerts and club nights there is no reason why nor. We hope you’ll have a good time!

The curatorial team of Park
Ina Blom, Jonas Ekeberg, Jacob Fabricius, Paula Toppila


Celebrating the two year anniversary

The park on the water, dancing in the round house, Scout headquarters and the youth hostel, Moss community centre – sports arena and the site of our Independence day celebrations on May 17. with speeches and endless lines for ice cream. The old amphitheatre, where the only thing missing is a theatre company. The beautiful nature trails and sculptures. Now the part near Vansjø and Fossen will play host to yet another kind of art – contemporary art. Momentum 2000 has seen the possibilities offered by Nesparken, the main site for this year’s exhibition.

Møllebyen, the old mill town – worn but esteemed as a reminder of an important part of out history – is once again put to use. We remember the exhibitions and concerts held there during Momentum two years ago. Mølla Art School is also located here, which along with our local galleries serve as important contributors to this year’s Momentum festival.

– Gretha Kant, City Mayor of Moss 30

Karhrin Sigurdardottir

Børre Sæthre