Galleri F 15

Annette Kierulf & Caroline Kierulf

3. Oct - 22. Nov 2015

Time Machine

A selection of headlines from Alle kvinners blad, 1943-1954

Blind Dialog

Annette Kierulf and Caroline Kierulf work as independent artists within a joint project and have for many years collaborated on exhibitions. Woodcut is their main aspect of production and this exhibition show three works where text is integrated in the visual expression, re-positioning printmaking as a critical space for reflection.

In the Time Machine Annette Kierulf uses specific expressions and terms related to an abstract notion of time bringing to light some of the prerequisites for the constituent parts of language. In A Selection of Headlines from Alle kvinners blad 1943 – 45 Caroline Kierulf display 70-year-old headlines from women´s magazines to look at similarities and differences to contemporary issues. Both artists are preoccupied with the juxtaposition of words and how everyday language inherently contains more than the immediate meaning.

The third work is a series of woodcuts made in the conjunction of language, humor and emotional problems. The title Blind Dialogue indicates the method the artists have used. After agreeing on a common starting point: the emotional landscape between people, they make works in their separate studios, not seeing each other’s contribution before packing for sendoff. This method provides an element of chance, possible surprises and unforeseen connections.

Blind Dialog was made June – August 2015. The Time Machine and A Selection of Headlines from Alle kvinners blad 1943 – 45 was published as an artist book by Hordaland Kunstsenter Dublett series in 2013, and shown here for the first time in original.

Annette Kierulf (b. 1964) and Caroline Kierulf (b. 1968) both educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, where they work as professor and associate professor. They are sisters and have collaborated on exhibitions since 1996.

Curator: Maria C. Havstam

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