Galleri F 15

Jakob Oredsson – Symbiotic Stories

22.Oct - 22.Jan

Symbiotic Stories is part of Jakob Oredssons artistic research project Scenography as Symbiosis at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. The project’s research questions relate to theories of expanded scenography where this notion is challenged from within.

Jakob Oredssons artistic research seeks to challenge hegemonic parameters within scenographic practice, in relation to dichotomies such as, foreground-background, onstage-offstage, scene-stage, stage-auditorium, theatre-architecture, inside-outside, etc., through emphasizing the ambiguous state of being two, or many, things at the same time.

Symbiotic Stories_Visual_220814_2

The exhibition at Galleri F 15 comes into being through a long term process where Oredsson spends extensive time periods at Alby researching ways of seeking layers of stories in various temporal and spatial scales, human and non-human, which constitute the context of Galler F 15, the architecture, the garden, as well as the surrounding environment.

Symbiotic Stories seeks to exist in solidarity and symbiosis with the gallery ecology, with the intimate and the distant, simultaneously bringing the landscape into the gallery as well as the gallery into the landscape, existing ambiguously at the same time inside and outside.

Jakob Oredsson is educated as artist, architect and scenographer, and currently research fellow at Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, with support from Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HKDIR).

Symbiotic Stories_Visual_220814_1

Images: Oredsson (2022).