Galleri F 15

Petrine Vinje

22.Oct - 22.Jan

Petrine Vinje’s solo exhibition at Galleri
F 15 is part of her ongoing PhD project; On Interface: Questioning Memory, Matter and Meaning through the Haptic, at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. Here she explores how cultural memories from premodern times, can help us understand the relationship between man and technology in the present.

Through research of objects at two
European museums, including a lead amulet (dated ca. 1100 BC), she has looked at shared symbolism, aesthetics and materials. Petrine Vinje examines these objects as sensory communication devises that our senses use to share and receive information.

Touch in the present haptic* technology, is a part of our everyday communication. Through the touch screen we communicate via digital images, signs and words. We create and reproduce truths.
By recontextualising the premodern objects in present time screen culture and technology, Petrine Vinje looks at how we use physical objects to face the unknown. She explores the potential our sensory experiences have in this interface, to find meaning and intention. This is how she examines what it means to be a human in this world, where the border between subject and object is broken into touching and being touched, upsetting and being upset.

Petrine Vinje is a trained artist, currently doing a PhD at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo.


*Haptic meaning sense of touch.

Picture: Petrine Vinje (2021). Photo: Carsten Aniksdal.