Joanna Lombard  – The Exclusion 

22. Jun - 13. Oct

The 8 channel sound installation The Exclusion (2015) by Joanna Lombard is exhibited outdoors at Galleri F 15 during the summer of 2024.

The sound piece will be played every 20 minutes; ten minutes of sound, followed by ten minutes of pause, from 11:00 to 17:00, Tuesday to Sunday.

In this sound installation, where a chorus of laughter creates an eerie sense of ambivalence, Joanna Lombard delves into the unspoken connections that unite us. The work reveals the complex role of laughter in social interactions, ranging from hearty and carefree to mocking and hostile. There is a deep ambivalence in the resonance of laughter – it can be an expression of community, but also of exclusion. Where can the line be drawn between innocent laughter and oppressive mockery, and what does this laughter mean?

The starting point for the work is a satirical joke about Joanna Lombard’s mother in the book Mera Fnitter – en rolig bok av kvinnor from 1983, and the consequences of this joke. At the time, Lombard was 9 years old and felt as if the whole world was laughing at her mother for all eternity.

Participating actors: Lena Carlsson, Anna Lyons, Patrik Bergner, Emma Brommé, Mathias Karlsson, Nanna Gauffin, Lars Bringås, Ewa Beverot and Joanna Lombard.
Composition: Magnus Larsson
Sound design and sound recording: Jakob Munch, Munch Production

The Exclusion is part of Galleri F 15’s collection and was originally acquired from MOMENTUM 8 in 2015. Since 2019, the work has toured to schools in Østfold through Den Kulturelle Skolesekken (DKS), as part of the exhibition Alone.Together.

Joanna Lombard (b. 1972, Algeria)lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.  Lombard has exhibited at Konstakademien, Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Whitespace in Zurich, and the 8th Seoul International Media Art Biennale.