Galleri F 15


28. Sep - 17. Nov 2013

Hans Hamid Rasmussen Embroidery, installation.

And invited artists: Steinar Laumann, Maia Josefine Birkeland, Hanna Roloff, Klara Maja Linnéa Pousette, Margareth Elise Kaale, Monika Mørch Hauge, Theodor Barth.

Punkt Ø- Galleri F 15s first idea for this project was to host a separate exhibition of Hans Hamid Rasmussens works. He is a renowned artist, and a Professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In dialog with Punkt Ø`s curator Siv Hofsvang, Hans Hamid Rasmussen developed the idea of including former and current students from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, as well as colleagues, in the exhibition.

-The background for this idea is the creative forces at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, where young artists have room and the opportunity to meet and work with other artistic powers. This collective has been, and still is, the environment where some of the strong, upcoming new artists on the Norwegian art scene have had their start, Hans Hamid Rasmussen explains.

Five newly graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts show their work in the exhibition Parabol on Gallery F 15s ground floor. On the first floor Hans Hamid Rasmussen presents embroideries titled Kasbah Vandring I and his labyrinth installation Kasbah Vandring II. In the labyrinth the invited artists and colleagues presents art works.

Kasbah vandring I & II is founded on Hans Hamid Rasmussens doctoral thesis on artistic development at Trondheim art academy, A Tribute to the Hybrid from 2008. His new installation project is a labyrinth that stretches through three rooms. Inspiration for this project is the experience of walking through the Algerian Kasbah. The process of working towards this exhibition has been one of dialogue between students and Hans Hamid Rasmussen on how the collective experience of a catastrophe is founded on (traumatic) individual experiences of the event, and experiences that differ can constitute a society’s shared history.

-The exhibition also discusses the space in which we experience events, states Hans Hamid Rasmussen. Space can also be seen as rhetorical, in as much as the idea of space can constitute our understanding of certain events. In this exhibition, variations of the physical space, the labyrinth and the straightforward white cube space, is contrasted to the mental rooms of the artworks.

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