Galleri F 15

Re-viewing of Kjell Varvin

23. Oct 2021 - 23. Jan 2022

Intermediate Stages of a Never-Ending Process, Part II  

Curator: Monica Holmen  

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Gallery F 15 was forced to close the doors to Kjell Varvin’s exhibition Intermediary Stages of a Never-Ending Process four days after it opened on March 6, 2021. Ending up with barely three weeks of viewing time was very unfortunate for the exhibition, and a sad situation considered all the work behind it.  

Gallery F 15 therefore are pleased to present Intermediate Stages of a Never-Ending Process,  Part II.  

Several new works will be included and Kjell Varvin’s abstract, constructivist expression, where the immediate, intuitive and random are central, is presented in the gallery through new assemblies.  

Varvin’s artistic ideal is chaos. An imminent collapse points to his essential aspects, namely transience and changeability.  

The various compositions in the exhibition reflect his open approach to where the artistic process brings the work. At the same time, every line, every shape, every piece of steel and object stands in an energetic relationship with each other. References to music are underlying, and all works are characterized by musicality and rhythm.  

The exhibition opens on Saturday 23 October at 2 PM