Galleri F 15


21. Oct 2017 - 17. Jan 2018

Curator: Maria Claussen Havstam
Co-curatorer: Anja Bjørshol, Guro Dyvesveen and Dag Sveinar

In REPEAT FORWARD six young artists who explore abstract and material-based expressions through different mediums are presented. The possibilities and limitations of painting, sculpture, and sound art is being tested at a time where no discipline has any advantage above another. The art is created in a contemporary context, but reflects upon signs and codes from modern art history.

Through different expressions related to content and material compositions, works which have art historical references to modernism´s abstract expressionism, naivism, surrealism and minimalism, are on display. New liberating questions about sensual recognition and the objects´ condition are incorporated in the artistic process, as a way out of postmodernism´s language play against a visual turn, where close contact with materials, matter and the object are given attention.

Artists: Anna Daniell (NO), Carl Mannov (DK), Kim Kvello (NO), Lina Norell (SE), Ragna Bley (SE), THERESE FRISK (SE)

1 Anna Daniell, Podium, 2018.

Lina Norell, The tower (2017). Foto: Istvan Virag

4 Ragna Bley

Ragna Bley, Weaver, her (2017)/Palace Time (2017). Foto: Istvan Virag

3 Lina Norell

Lina Norell, The tower (2017). Foto: Istvan Virag