Galleri F 15

Silent Space – Intensified Integrities

27. Sep - 23. Nov 2014

The exhibition Silent Space –Intensified Integrities at Punkt Ø/Galleri F15, Moss initiates the Silence Project, a Nordic Contemporary exhibition progamme that takes a multi-disciplinary angle examining how our experience of silence and space has shaped culture as well as our own individual identities. Silent Space – Intensified Integrities introduces works of eight Nordic artists whose positions address the interference of environment and personal space.


In a time of mega cities, the availability of free space and silence for an individual is diminishing and becoming a luxury. The Silence Project explores the notion that there is no freedom without responsibility and invites reflection, dialogue and experimentation. The Silence Project was initially inspired by the traditional Finnish concept of Jokamiehenoikeus translated as “freedom to roam” or “everyman’s right,” which – regardless who the land belongs to – allows everyone free access to nature and waterways and the right to collect natural products. This concept held dear by all Nordic countries symbolizes the very essence of the Nordic culture: A close relationship to nature where silence and space are always present.

Finnish artist Nina Backmann initiated the Silence Project. She aims to connect the work of freely operating artists with cultural and social entities in order to study, share and experiment with the concept of silence in relation to new urban realities. The exhibition Silent Space Intensified Integrities is a first reflection on the Silence Project’s notions:

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir & Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson Weather Experience explore the extreme Icelandic weather, Mia Hamari´s wooden sculptures draw our attention to the strong connection between forest and nature, Marja HelandersDarkness Series with its dark palette and emptiness emphasizes the sense of non-places. Nina Backman’s Aino performance presents a provocative exploration of how we mark our space in an urban context. Lene Berg’s silent video Shaving of the Baroness invites reflection on intimacy. Lise Björne Linnerts 65.299 Knots – A Pain Registry is a site-specific installation based on the experience of pain. Minimal Romantic Video work by Sari Palosaaris’ explores the contradiction between the visual language of the architecture and the reality of the place

The exhibition is curated by Nina Backman exhibition text by Professor Mika Hannula.

The multi-disciplinary exhibition programme includes a performative dining experience – The Silence Meal A seminar Silence as Everyman´s right (dates to be announced) and the Silence Cities App that will be presented in Norway.

1 Terje Holm ©Punkt Ø (1)

Foto: Terje Holm ©Punkt Ø