Galleri F 15

Tendenser 2011

2. Apr - 5. May 2011

New Nature

Anne Line Sund (N), Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (N), Hanna Hedman (S), Hanna Stahle (S), Jenny Klemming (S), Jim Darbo (N), John Kåre Raustein (N), Mårten Medbo (S), Susanne Forström (S), Synnøve Øyen(N) and Tanja Sæter (N).

The art and nature

Does a new nature exist? The difference between what is natural and what is artificial, is getting less distinct over time. Is there a difference in the way artists observe nature today and how nature was observed in the past? As the title indicates, the exhibition is making an attempt to show how some artists create art that could be nature or reminds us of nature. The artists in “Tendenser” use nature in different manners as their raw material and as an ideal, but nature is developed into its own art work. Through art we see artists that show compassion for our nature.

Nature as material

Many artists have traditionally been passionate about portrayals of nature and strived to recreate its visual qualities and impressions. In Ny Natur we can observe art that will challenge how we perceive nature. The exhibition presents realistic constellations of landscape, plants and animal-like creatures. The exhibition will show art interpreting the beautiful, the unpleasant, the chaotic and art trying to create order.

Gunvor Antonsen. Tekstil

Gunvor Antonsen. Teksti