Momentum10 – The Emotional Exhibition understands the space of Gallery F 15 for what it is: a house, a domestic space that opens its doors to visitors. The house itself is full of possible feelings and gives an environment of proximity to the exhibition. This is why this part of the exhibition is surely more tactile, more physical and more transparent and poses questions around how we relate to material and how we feel objects. Is it possible to feel objects and their history?

We start with the works by Erik Öberg. His feather sculptures move beyond the cold tradition of minimal art to become something almost alive and dealing with sensuality. Next to Erik Öberg, the work by Christodoulos Panayiotou starts also from materiality and observes the history behind how an object is made and how the material defines the perception of it. In this space, we can consider how marble has a novel quality and a time longer than us. On the same floor, the photographs by Ilkka Halso present possible pasts and futures with phantasmagoric objects and constructions that occupy nature.

On the first floor, the house invites us to perform daily routines but from an artistic point of view. In the central room, we are invited to watch a TV series by Keren Cytter. This series, which is reminiscent of a soap opera, reveals emotions at their maximum level but in a condensed format.

There are multiple gestures of drawing and painting that also take place on this floor with dreamy works by Hannaleena Heiska, drawings about Norway with theatrical manners by Eirik Senje and the childish but loaded fantasies by Pauline Fondevila. Next to Pauline Fondevila’s drawings, visitors can watch documentation of the performance that happened in Moss during the opening of Momentum10 in which she staged a choreography with sailboats that had painted words on their sails thus building random sentences on the sea.

The works by Julieta Aranda and Gabriel Lester offer us the fragility of language and the construction of situations. And time is also present in the space of the gallery, with a poetic gesture taking place with the vase and flowers at the work by Christodoulos Panayiotou: every day, a new flower appears, and the bouquet slowly grows into many days and weeks, both alive and dead and several ideas of beauty.