As you enter Mental Landscapes by Swedish artist Fanny Ollas, you step into a fantasy world that is intensified through the vibrant colors, sounds and sculptures living in the space. The sculptures are made from clay and textiles and are recognizable objects that one finds in the rooms of a home. Through Fanny Ollas’ use of the colors red, blue and black as well as the exaggerated distortion of the objects, the atmosphere of the room emphasizes an unbalanced state of mind. In her artistic practice, Fanny uses the material clay as a form of therapy and explores visual storytelling as a way to give shape to things we feel but fail to communicate.

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Fanny Ollas (b. 1984, Sweden) is an artist and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, working primarily with ceramics and textile. She has a background within fashion but changed her career in 2015 to work with ceramics and sculpture. Fanny is interested in art and craft in relation to psychology and how we can communicate through objects and materials. She often comes back to existential questions and mental experiences and uses storytelling and a playful and colorful aesthetic to approach these topics. Her work can be described as entering a surrealistic landscape in the boarder land between the innocence of the fairytale and the darkness of melancholia. She is also a part of the design studio Fish and Pink, a creative collaboration with her husband Martin Eckerberg.

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All photos: Vegard KIeven © Punkt Ø