The Spanish artist Pepo Salazar has created a new sculptural installation for Momentum10 titled Frozen. The work emphasizes how some images are part of a global imaginary that appears everywhere as an aesthetic construction to surround and calm us. For example, the image of a gondola Passarella in Venice can be hanging in a restaurant, the waiting room of a dentist, on the walls of a furniture shop or in a frame on sale. Pepo Salazar’s artistic practice is diverse and eclectic, and he offers no thematic connections between his works, rather he is interested in how the overflow of connections can (or cannot) produce a sense of present reality. The automatic narrative coming from these cultural items are interrupted at the exhibition and reveal how some iconographic constructions become possible objects out of place.

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Pepo Salazar was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain in 1972 and currently  lives and works in Paris, France. He works with objects that are signs of subjects and combines photographs, videos, installations and objects in his creations, manipulating the meaning of representation in order to introduce a critical viewpoint. Pepo Salazar describes his works not in terms of meaning, but of sense.

Upcoming 2019 solo exhibitions include Sabot Gallery, Cluj-Napoca; Cordova Gallery, Barcelona; and DUU Radio, Unités Radiophoniques Mobiles, Paris. Works by Pepo Salazar have also been exhibited at Le Centquatre, Paris, 2018;  ARCO 2016, Madrid; the Spanish Pavillion 56th Venice Biennial, 2015.

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Alle foto: Vegard KIeven © Punkt Ø