Nina Canell
Nina Canell (b. 1979 Växjö, Sweden) is a visual artist who lives and works in Berlin. Her practice explores the nature of process and the distribution and loss of energy. Grounded as much in chance encounters as in close study, her work is characterised by a syntax of relations and transfers. Thinking beyond the tangibility of material, she sees sculpture as a conduit which is highly sensitive to spatio-temporal variables. Her work has been presented in major international exhibitions and featured in numerous monographs and publications.

Tug, 2021
This singular, enigmatic sculpture was once part of a network of underground telecommunication cables. It is both a ready-made and a sculptural intervention. The work evokes the complexity of human relations and distribution of resources and access. There is no clear direction of flow within this apparent two-way system, in which the administrative question of distribution has been zipped shut — concealed into a hermetic stump — and so keeping the details of its modus operandi ambiguously sealed.

M11 Room12 3

Photo: Installation photo of Nina Canell’s Tug. Photographed by Momentum.