F 15 programme

As a step in fighting the covid-19 pandemic Galleri F 15 is postponing all official programme until after the summer of 2020. More information about guided tours, workshops etc. will be announced at a later time.

In the meantime you are welcome to explore our digital programme:

Reduced ticket prices

From 16 June until 1 October the entrance fee at Galleri F 15 will be reduced to 10 NOK for everyone over 18. Children have free entrance as always. With this incentive we hope our visitors will come see the exhibition and visit the store on week days and Saturdays, as Sundays tend to be crowded. At times with too many visitors in the shop and/or gallery we’ll have to close our doors for short periods of time.


Visits in Galleri F 15

• Please keep 1 meter distance from other people througout the gallery.
• Max. 2 – 3 people per room throughtout the exhibition.
• The visitors are responsible of follow the rules concerning distancing and the number of people in the gallery space.
• Follow the guide lines for approaching the front desk when buing tickets or merchandise. Do not approach the front desk before the receptionist is available.
• Wait for the stairs to be empty before walking up or down. Do not touch the railing.
• People living together and people in regular, close contact counts as 1 person regarding previous rules as long as the 1 meter rule can be upheld.
• Persons with symptoms should not visit the gallery.
• Do not touch things in the shop you do not intend to buy. If a closer look is required, please contact our staff.

Thank you for helping us contain the virus and keeping our staff safe.