The exhibition Earth, Wind, Fire, Water – Nordic Contemporary Crafts, 44th Tendenser opens 16 June at Galleri F 15. In the mean time one of the art works are already installed on the gallery’s facade and available to visit.

The space between individual expression and a community’s public rights is explored in several projects by Fellesskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen (FFB), a group established in 2010 by artist and architect Joar Nango and architects Håvard Arnhoff and Eystein Talleraas. For Earth, Wind, Fire, Water they add a text work to the gallery’s architecture created with found and reclaimed materials. Written in the North-Sámi language it states: “Eai čuovo mearriduvvon luottaid, eai ge vissis njuolggadusaid” (“They don’t follow routes and they don’t conform to regulated order”). This reference to the Northern way of life stresses the importance of transcending laws and regulations in order to forge autonomous systems and spaces.

Welcome back 16 June!