Ina Hagen

The Norwegian artist Ina Hagen utilizes performance and interventions in her practice and explores internet forum culture and how it affects us. For Momentum10 she has created a site-specific, digital work that takes place at Bredbukt, a beach next to Gallery F 15. Ina Hagen invites participants on a silent walk where they will encounter relics connected to the historic Alby gardens before arriving at two bonfires on the beach. Through a connection to nature and a connection to a local network accessed from a mobile phone, participants will be invited into a chatroom and an archive. Within this parallel, digital realm, participants will join in a conversation about the word ‘before’ as well as the ocean and the fires as conceptual and historical centers. The conversation is guided by a real-time text performance by Ina Hagen who is interested in revealing feelings of anger and apathy through the collective experiences and discussions which emerge in the chatroom.

Participants are asked in advance to not talk during the gathering session. The performance concludes with the bonfires being extinguished with water from the sea followed by a 10 minute collective walk through the forest and historic garden of Alby that leads back to Gallery F 15 during which conversation can resume.

The work includes contributions by artists Damla Kilickiran, Hannah Mjølsnes and Valentina Desideri.

You can take part in the performance In the Before Over Shore (2019)
Sunday June 30, 1 pm, 2 pm & 3 pm
Sunday August 25, 1 pm & 3 pm
Saturday September  7, 1 pm & 3 pm


Ina Hagen (b. 1989, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. Her work explores layers of mediation between audiences, artwork and artists. In constructing performative situations and platforms, Hagen merges situated histories, collaboratory and participatory acts. These situations go between the real and the fictional, physical and digital, and creates instances of collective, critical reflection. She has run one such platform; Louise Dany, together with artist Daisuke Kosugi, from their home and adjacent store-front since 2016. Hagen has exhibited at: Coast Contemporary, NO; INCA, Seattle, US (Solo); Kunsthall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen DK; Podium, Oslo NO, among others. Residencies include: IASPIS Stockholm, SWE (Upcoming 2019-2020); Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, BR (2018); BAR Project, Barcelona, ES (2017).

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All photos: Ingeborg Øien Thorsland © Punkt Ø