Somehow the changing landscape of Moss is the perfect setting to see the photographs by Finnish artist Ilkka Halso. In the works, Roller Coaster and Kitka River, we see our possible future world where consideration for the environment is in question.

The landscapes in the photographs are interrupted by invasive structures and symbolize the anthropocentric society we live in. Simultaneously, the structures seem to be remnants left behind and no longer in use. It could mean a world where humankind no longer exists and nature is reclaiming its rightful place.

The works are part of Ilkka Halso’s series Museum of Nature through which he investigates the notion that we can use advanced technology to somehow protect nature from pollution and the expanding global population. Roller Coaster and Kitka River were also displayed during Momentum 2004.

Ilkka Halso_Kitka River2

All photos: Vegard KIeven © Punkt Ø

Ilkka Halso was born in 1965 in Finland and currently lives and works in Orimattila, Finland. Ilkaa Halso graduated with a Master’s of Arts degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1992. Ilkka Halso’s artistic practice incorporates nature and architectural elements as a starting point for investigating the past, present and future deterioration of the planet and the environment. His practice includes a focus on photography and large scale installations. In his work Museum of Nature, he visualize shelters, where big ecosystems could be stored just like they exist nowadays. These massive buildings protect forests, lakes and rivers from pollution and, what is more, against people themselves.

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