In the stairwell connecting the two floors of Momentum kunsthall, we can listen to the song The Promise by the Sea which is written and performed by the French artist Pauline Fondevila. The artist describes the work as a mobile manifesto, a collective dream and a plan for escape. The song lyrics are a combination of other songs, recognizable places and May ‘68 slogans which reference a period of civil unrest in France. A simple song can evoke a feeling, an emotion and can stay with us a long period of time. Fondevila works with narrative constructions in order to jump to a fantasy that reflects a desire to feel.


You can listen to the song in Spotify

She also presents drawings and documentation from the choreographed performance with sailboats taking place during the opening of Momentum10 at Gallery F 15. The song, The Promise by the Sea is connected to parts of the performance with sailboats.

Pauline Fondevila web7

Foto: Texas AS © Punkt Ø | Foto over: Vegard KIeven © Punkt Ø

Pauline Fondevila (b. 1972, Le Havre, France) studied literature and art. She lived in Barcelona for a few years, and in 2007 she moved to Rosario, Argentina where she still resides. Her works belong to numerous private and public collections, and they are regularly displayed in international exhibitions and fairs. Since 2005 she has been represented by Estrany de la Mota Gallery (Barcelona) and more recently by Diego Obligado (Rosario). She is dedicated to drawing, but she also writes short novels. She has published “A House and a Drum” (2014) and “Five Days in Colón City” (2018), both by the publishing house Ivan Rosado. She is part of the music band Perro Fantasma. Her piece “The Promise by the Sea,” presented at Momentum10, first appeared in 2010 in France, as part of the Le Havre Biennale. Since then, it has been displayed in diverse contexts (festivals, exhibitions, cultural and sports events,) landscapes (seas, lakes, rivers, canals) and languages (French, Flemish, Italian, Spanish.)